After the 2008 elections, a more progressive U.S. administration presented a unique opportunity to revive and strengthen U.S. leadership on global health in general, and on maternal and reproductive health in particular. FCI is working with partners to inform and influence U.S. foreign assistance and global health policies, and to promote more progressive U.S. leadership on maternal and reproductive health and family planning.

The Global Health Initiative

U.S. leadership on global health — in both word and deed — is urgently important. The Obama adminstration's development of more progressive policies, and its anSecty of State Clinton delivers remarks on Global Health Initiative, August 2010nouncement of the Global Health Initiative (GHI), present a unique opportunity to revive and strengthen U.S. leadership on maternal and reproductive health and family planning. The GHI, announced in May 2009, is a six-year effort addressing a range of interrelated health crises faced by the developing world. It aims to build and strengthen health systems, and to achieve significant improvements in health outcomes, with a particular focus on women, newborns, and children. If successful, it has the potential to transform the way the U.S. government designs and implements policies and programs to save lives, build economies, and strengthen human security, and will guide U.S. policy on global health issues for years to come.

FCI and our advocacy colleagues are working together to articulate the need for a comprehensive, holistic approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights, and for substantially increased funding for reproductive and maternal health.

FCI's niche

FCI brings our global perspective and connections to bear on the U.S. advocacy scene. We collaborate closely with HIV/AIDS, maternal and reproductive health, tuberculosis, malaria, human rights, and other global health advocacy groups to press for increased U.S. leadership on maternal and reproductive health. FCI participates in consultations and staff briefings to raise awareness in Congress and the Executive Branch and to intensify pressure on U.S. policy makers to increase investment in maternal and reproductive health. FCI provides a strong advocacy voice, reflecting our independence; our global connections to donors, UN agencies, and a broad range of civil society advocacy groups; and our leadership role in a range of international partnerships.

The Global Health Initiative Coalition

The GHI's success depends on the Administration setting bold and specific targets, developing strategic and effective policies, and delivering an annual budget robust enough to fully fund programmatic goals. It remains to be seen whether the GHI will drive real, concrete progress — especially amidst a global economic downturn and a divided Congress.  The Global Health Initiative Coalition was established in 2009 as a strong, united civil society voice to maintain pressure on the Obama Administration and on Congress. The GHI Coalition represents the first time that such a broad alliance of U.S. based, health-focused civil society groups -- representing advocates for maternal, newborn and child health, AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, sexual and reproductive health and rights, the health workforce, neglected tropical diseases, health and human rights, water and sanitation, and comprehensive primary healthcare -- has spoken with one voice, calling on the U.S. to take an ambitious, comprehensive approach to global health policy and funding and to ensure civil society involvement and country ownership in the GHI process.

Individual GHI Coalition members contribute crucial sector-specific expertise; together, our coordinated, integrated advocacy approach articulates strong, unified messages and and represents a critical voice for accountability. During government consultations on the development of the GHI, a key State Department official congratulated the Coalition for its groundbreaking effort in bringing different sectors of the advocacy community together for a common policy objective.

FCI was a key player in the creation and development of the GHI Coalition, and currently coordinates its activities in the role of Global Health Initiative Coalition Secretariat.

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  • Visit the GHI Coalition's website
  • Download the GHI Coalition's report September 2009 report on the Global Health Initiative: THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL HEALTH: Ingredients for a Bold & Effective U.S. Initiative
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