In response to specific gaps identified during the baseline research, FCI developed new training materials to address critical gaps in the content and quality of maternity care services.
Training Planning Tools
Training Site Assessment Tool — Emergency Obstetric Care: This tool was developed to help assess the suitability of a potential training site for hosting a competency-based training in life-saving obstetric care, and identifying gaps that need to be addressed in pre-training planning. It includes checklists of essential equipment and supplies, obstetric caseload reviews, and observation of classroom and other teaching requirements. English
Training Site Assessment Tool – Postabortion Care: Designed for assessing a potential site for PAC training, this tool includes checklists for reviewing overall facility status, as well as laboratory services and available testing procedures. It also includes checklists on the requisite equipment, supplies, drugs, and contraceptives for quality PAC services. English
Provider Reference Tools
Worksite Presentation Package: This presentation package was developed to aid maternal health care providers who have been trained in life-saving obstetric care in sharing key information from the training with their fellow staff members. The package focuses on four main themes: antenatal care, emergency preparedness, infection prevention, care for women in labor, and record-keeping. English
Life-Saving Obstetric Care: A Self-Directed Learning Guide: Containing self-study questions and an obstetric job aid, the Self-Directed Learning Guide is designed to help trained providers reflect upon and retain new knowledge and skills in obstetric care. English 
Maternity Care Training Modules

Designed for easy integration into Life-Saving Skills and Emergency Obstetric Care training curricula, these training modules focus on neglected topics in maternal health care.

Adolescent Maternity Care: This two-hour training module focuses on the special risks associated with adolescent pregnancy, as well as the challenges faced by pregnant adolescents in accessing maternity services. The module is designed to make providers sensitive to younger women's special maternity care needs, and build providers' skills in counseling and communicating with adolescent clients. English (165 KB)
Compassionate, Caring Behaviors in Maternity Care: Comprised of three short sessions totaling 3 hours and 20 minutes, this module focuses providers' attention to the importance of caring and compassionate treatment of maternity clients. The training exercises include an evaluation of the compassionate dimensions of care provided to women in labor, as well as various participatory exercises that encourage training participants to reflect on client-provider interactions, clients' rights, and clients' needs. English (907 KB)
[Note: This file contains all eight components listed below. Users on slow or dial-up connections may want to download the components individually.]
  • Facilitator's Note English (147 KB)
  • Lesson Plan English (166 KB)
  • Resource A: Observation Tool English (99 KB)
  • Resource B: Observation Summary Tool English (95 KB)
  • Resource C: Kenya Research Findings English (289 KB)
  • Resource D: Role-play Script English (232 KB)
  • Resource E: Role-play Observation Form English (207 KB)
  • Resource F: Job Aid English (107 KB)
Birth Preparedness Counseling: This one-hour session engages providers in brainstorming exercises and discussions aimed at fine-tuning counseling and problem-solving skills so that they can better support antenatal clients in identifying essential preparations for childbirth and making individual birth plans. English (383 KB)

The Skilled Care Initiative
SCI in Burkina Faso
SCI in Kenya
SCI in Tanzania
Making Skilled Care a Reality
Monitoring and Evaluating SCI
                            Training and Capacity Building

Skilled Care Initiative Delivers Impressive Results

Between 2003 and 2005, FCI worked with Ministries of Health in Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Tanzania to improve the quality and availability of maternity care, improving services for thousands of women. Through an ambitious research effort, FCI evaluated and documented key strategies for increasing skilled care during childbirth. Click here to download an overview of the results from all three countries.

Safe Motherhood In The Community: A Flipchart

This flipchart focuses on care during pregnancy, delivery, and the post-partum period.


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