Postabortion Counselling and Community Education Materials

The Postabortion Care flipchart provides the materials and information needed for conducting counseling and community education related to unsafe abortion in English-speaking Africa. The flipchart outlines different procedures to reduce the risk of post-abortion complications, self-care instructions for after receiving post-abortion treatment, warning signs for identifying complications, as well as a guide for assessing the patient’s medical condition.

The flipchart also discusses some reasons for unplanned pregnancy and the risks involved with unsafe abortions, and an explanation of how a woman becomes pregnant and contraception options prevent pregnancy. Enclosed are a prototype client brochure and a user’s guide to assist health workers and program managers in using the flipchart. Each page offers questions for guiding client counseling and education sessions, essential information that the counselor should convey, and key actions that should be taken post-abortion for the care of the client.

Available in English.







US $20.00 for recipients in Europe and North America and representatives of international organizations,
$15.00 for recipients in developing countries


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