Skilled Care During Childbirth: Information Kit

A comprehensive resource for individuals and organizations working to ensure that every woman has access to skilled care during childbirth. Contains a Policy Brief, Information Booklet, and Country Profiles. The Policy Brief presents arguments for why governments should invest in skilled care, defines key terms, and outlines the impact skilled care can have in reducing maternal deaths. The Information Booklet outlines the main issues that need to be considered when designing and implementing policies and programs to expand skilled care during childbirth, including essential competencies of skilled care providers; laws, policies and infrastructure; training and supervision; and monitoring and evaluation. The Country Profiles describe the strategies utilized by Botswana, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia in lowering maternal mortality and improving coverage of skilled care during childbirth. English (GSM17E), French (GSM17F), Spanish (GSM17S), all produced in 2002. (The Spanish version is available in PDF only).
Developed by the Safe Motherhood Inter-Agency Group.

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