Healthy Women, Healthy Mothers: An Information Guide - - Femmes en Bonne Sante, Meres en Bonne Sante

290-page resource book on women’s health needs and problems in Africa. Designed for use by health workers and others who provide information and counseling to women at the community level. It addresses reproduction and sexuality, pregnancy and childbirth, adolescent health, menopause, gender issues, and social and cultural determinants of women’s health. Written in non-technical language. Contains dozens of illustrations and graphics. English (1995), French (1998).

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Part 1:
Table of contents and Preface (1.3 MB PDF)
Part 2:
Women's Health (2 MB PDF)
Part 3:
Pregnancy (4.2 MB PDF)
Part 4:
Childbirth and Postpartum (3.3 MB PDF)
Part 5:
Sexual and Reproductive Health, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Contraception, and Adolescent Health (4.1 MB PDF)
Part 6:
Index and Glossary

(1.1 MB PDF)

French (coming soon)








US $12.00 for recipients in Europe and North America and representatives of international organizations,
$6.00 for recipients in developing countries

This publication is only available for download at this time.

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