FCI launches second French edition of You, Your Life, Your Dreams (Vous, votre vie, vos rêves)

June 2010

You, Your Life, Your Dreams was developed by FCI to help young people stay healthy and make informed decisions about their sexual lives. Designed for young people and for educators who work with them, this popular and comprehensive handbook was originally conceived in 2000 for use in English-speaking Africa, and has since been translated into four languages (French, Spanish, Dutch, and Swahili) and adapted in versions that address the unique needs and challenges facing adolescents in East Africa, West Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Easy to read and visually attractive, it provides accessible, objective, and urgently-needed information on a broad range of sexual and reproductive health issues.

This new edition of Vous, votre vie, vos rêves  provides young people in Francophone Africa with additional, updated information on issues including female genital mutilation, HIV and AIDS, access to emergency contraception, and gender equity. In partnership with the Academy for Educational Development (AED), a U.S.-based non-profit organization that works globally to improve education, health, civil society, and economic development, it will initially be distributed in 120 middle schools in six regions of Senegal. An electronic version is also available for free download on the FCI website.

The second French edition is being launched seven years after Vous, votre vie, vos rêves was first developed in partnership with DSW, the German Foundation for World Population.

For more information on the French edition, or on other versions of You, Your Life, Your Dreams, please contact fcipubs [at] familycareintl [dot] org.

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