FCI is new secretariat of Latin American maternal mortality alliance

December 2010

At the annual planning meeting of the Regional Task Force on Maternal Mortality Reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean (Grupo de Trabajo Regional para la Reducción de la Mortalidad Materna, or GTR), held in Panama in December, FCI was elected Secretariat of the group for 2011-2012. FCI is a founding member of the GTR and is a member of the group's Executive Committee, together with UNFPA, UNICEF, PAHO, USAID and IADB. This marks the first time an NGO has been elected to the Secretariat.

In 2010 in Lima, Peru, the Regional Task Force co-sponsored the Regional Conference of Women Leaders, which was attended by 80 women leaders from the governmental, judicial, parliamentary, academic and NGO sectors in 14 Latin America and Caribbean countries. The conference resulted in a strong declaration of commitment to end maternal deaths in the region. (You can download the full conference report here.)

The GTR works to build political awareness of and commitment to preventing maternal death and disability among United Nations and multilateral partners, professional networks and civil society organizations, creating synergies to meet the targets of Millennium Development Goals 5 (Improve maternal health) and 4 (Reduce child mortality).

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